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an older woman riding public transit, while looking out the window; which reflects the author's tone in her letter to CO-VID

I had no idea as to the impact you would have at this transition point in my life.  Prior to your arrival, I had already sold my house and private practice, making a conscious decision to leave my home of 41 years and to retire to a new city and state.   I had done this only one other time in my life – when I moved away from my family of origin at the age of 26 to settle in an unknown city in Florida…


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Dear COVID-19 (or Dear Isolation)

a man in isolation looks out of his window during the COVID quarantine as discussed in the corresponding letter

Can I write to you if I don’t believe to have contracted you? Like the overwhelming majority of folks – I think – I’m without your diagnosis but still living under your rule. I’m social, and I’m impatient – two rough traits to have at the moment when we’ve been asked to isolate for an undetermined period of time…


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Okay, Corona (a Call for Submissions)

A graphic RX template with request for use of narrative medicine to cope with the COVID pandemic.

No doubt, you are one powerful creature. You managed to cage an entire country in only a few weeks time! You are a force to be reckoned with & yet, I’ve been wrestling with this letter to you for weeks…. I have so much to say to you – & about you – it literally hurts!


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Dear Stuttering

An image selected by the author of a letter written to stuttering and published to the Dear Diagnosis literary project

None really diagnosed you, but we’ve lived together for almost my entire life. I tried to solve you many many times, in various different ways, but no methods ever worked for much time at all. Sometimes you are so intrusive that you lead me to think that you’re a part of me…


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Dear Back Pain

A snake in the grass, just like the back pain that plagues the writer of a letter posted to the Dear Diagnosis project.

You have been with me for 20 years now – since I was 14 years old. You are like a snake in the grass, striking when I least expect it. You took me down for the first time when I was just a teenager. There was no accident or trauma. Just a family history that nobody thought would manifest so young…


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Dear Epilepsy

The model of a human brain used to compliment a letter written to epilepsy for the Dear Diagnosis literary project.

It’s rather tough to decide where to direct my anger. I feel like I should be mad at you directly… seizures are pretty scary. In all honesty, though, learning to deal with life as a seizure-prone man (“man” being used loosely – c’mon, no reason this can’t be a bit funny) has provided me with a world of experiences that have made me a wiser person…


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