Information and resources for project-sustainability and growth

Financial Support

To date, this project exists entirely as a labor of love and without compensation for time spent by our small but mighty team to sow- and grow-it. If you are willing and able to contribute monetarily in support of our site’s expenses &/or out of appreciation for the unpaid time spent by Ms.Brianna Schiavoni attending to the needs of contributors and constituents alike, please consider making a donation using either button below.

DISCLAIMER: Our team has elected to use PayPal and Venmo for receipt of donations. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to obtain 501c3 nonprofit-status at this time; which means that your gifted amount is not tax-deductible. Furthermore, we are unable to access donations without viewing the corresponding account information; including the account names of senders, payment amount, payment note, and the corresponding timestamp of payment sent for each individual involved. In other words, we are unable to offer an anonymous venue for donation-procurement at this time; but would like to ensure you that your donation amount will in no way influence the quality of care provided to you by our staff on this site or in the context of an existing or pending relationship with Ms. Brianna Schaivoni – otherwise. For additional information on the use and security of your financial account information stored by either vendor, please reference these legal agreements for PayPal services &/or Venmo account settings and security statements.

Marketing Support

Given that we have limited funds for outreach and development, we rely entirely on word-of-mouth and the use of social media to promote and advance our project. If you are interested in helping to expand our project’s impact by way of referral, international partnership or otherwise – please do not hesitate to write to us at For ease and accessibility, here too is a direct link to our marketing materials available to you for print, presentation and/or distribution.

Without question, we are stronger and more capable of healing and evoking change – together.