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In you, I had hoped to find an identity; but your name is too often loaded with assumptions and stigma. Each of us belongs along a spectrum – both in sexual orientation and in gender identity; but language is static. You, my most commonly self-selected label, are static…

Cis Woman, 39 y/o

Can you not be silent for a day? I just want one day free, forget that, one hour free from the horrible pain that you inflict.

Female, 17

You really come in all shapes and sizes, don’t you? No wonder you’re so freaking hard to diagnose and treat. You and I are NOT friends. YET.

Frustratingly Female, 43

Last time was supposed to be the last time… How did we end up here, again?!?

Male, 31 y/o

As if bleeding for 6 out of every 28 days wasn’t punishment enough! With you arriving nearly a week beforehand, I’m on edge; finding it exceptionally difficult to concentrate; experiencing rapid changes in mood; insomnia; and craving foods that inevitably make it all worse… Monthly, I can’t help but wish I had a penis instead.

Regrettably Female, 28 (and ready for menopause)

To love you, or love you not? That is the question…

Genderfluid, Age 14

You’re making it harder than it has to be. Harder to think, harder to function, harder to breathe… Step-back already!

Nonbinary, Age 17

Thank you for the lessons in bravery, patience and compassion. If I am wise, it is certainly because of you. Happy World Diabetes Day!

Female, 39 Years-Young

You snuck in while I was preoccupied, but now that I’ve got my eyes on you BEWARE. I am a force to be reckoned with – just ask my ex-husband.

Female, 54 y/o