Meet the Team

Who we are and how we help

Brianna Adele Schiavoni, LCSW, LISW

Creative Director, Blog Manager, Counselor, Coach, Mindfulness & Healing Arts Instructor

Ms. Brianna Schiavoni is a licensed counselor and self-styled coach with an educational background in developmental psychology and medical social work. While she maintains a home base in the state of North Carolina, Brianna was born and buttered in Florida and delights in working remotely with residents in both states; in addition to those residing in the state of Ohio or in New Jersey. She has been in private practice for over a decade, with an ever-evolving interest in the power and potential of linguistic-choice, the mind-body connection, empowerment through education, and in sharing our common-humanity. In her work, she values authenticity, courage, compassion, and creative problem-solving; with special interest in AD/HD coaching and student mentorship, anxiety reduction, compassion fatigue, diabetes distress, healing with the arts, mindfulness practices, and nonviolent or compassionate communication (AKA NVC).

The Dear Diagnosis Project was born from Brianna’s own dynamic personal and professional experiences. It is her life’s work to redefine the client-clinician experience in healthcare, so that psycho-education and mental health support feel more accessible, supportive and gratifying. To this end, the project exists as a labor of love and devotion to her ideals.

Francesca Fontanella, Psicologo

Italian Liaison, Psychologist

Ms. Francesca Fontanella is a licensed clinical psychologist in northern Italy, where she hosts her private practice virtually – serving Italian residents and those who move and live abroad but prefer to engage with a therapist in their native language. Francesca’s style and vocational investments reflect her values. She loves integrating science & art, while co-creating solutions for each individual client’s health and wellness. While she is particularly vested in working with individuals to address chronic pain through somatization and by way of emotional regulation, Francesca also works with couples and families to address common-place concerns rooted in fear, shame &/or unresolved trauma.   

Francesca discovered Dear Diagnosis during the summer of 2018 & has enjoyed using the platform to engage her clients in meaningful work – ever since. In an effort to encourage submissions from native Italian speakers, Ms. Fontanella has volunteered her services as the project’s ‘Italian Liaison’. Entries written in Italian should be submitted through this website but will be forwarded to her for language-appropriate care & consideration. For those interested in transcribing Italian entries, simply cut & paste the respective posts into Google Translate.