Dear Diagnosis (AKA One of my Shitty Roommates)

An eviction notice posted to a wooden door selected to accompany a letter written to a painful condition at

I was glad to finally meet you face-to-face, after ailing me for so long. The story started about 10 years before I even knew your name and while out on my adventure to find you – during which I managed to pick-up some other annoying housemates along the way. You are not a very tolerable roommate, which I do not appreciate… 


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Dear Back Pain

A snake in the grass, just like the back pain that plagues the writer of a letter posted to the Dear Diagnosis project.

You have been with me for 20 years now – since I was 14 years old. You are like a snake in the grass, striking when I least expect it. You took me down for the first time when I was just a teenager. There was no accident or trauma. Just a family history that nobody thought would manifest so young…


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Dear Lupus and Dysautonomia

A woman emoting through dance to accompany a letter written to Dear Diagnosis - a literary project rooted in narrative medicine.

I wish I knew why you were given to me. I know I grew-up watching you, Lupus, destroy my mother, but never did I think you would come after me. Did I do something wrong? That’s how I feel – every snarky remark or white lie I told as a kid – feels like karma is the real deal now…


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