Dear Idiopathic Hypersomnia,

A teddybear lays face-down in a bed reflecting the tone of an author's letter written to idopathic hypersomnia

How much of my life have I spent hitting snooze? I’ve missed so much. I’ve unwillingly devoted entire days to sleep because of you. The sun makes me tired. Rain makes me tired. Eating too much. Not eating enough. Car rides. Bike rides. Swimming. Everything makes me tired. Idiopathic Hypersomnia, YOU make me tired…


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Dear Parts of Me That I Wish Weren’t There Sometimes

A hand removes a single red puzzle piece from an assortment, which reflects the tone of the corresponding letter written for the Dear Diagnosis project.

You’re hurting me right now. Please stop. I don’t want to shrivel into a ball of pain and tears all the time, especially not now. I have clients to work with, people who need support. I also need support. I have a new relationship to tend to, to learn about and grow with. I don’t want to be paralyzed by my fears…


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Dear Stuttering

An image selected by the author of a letter written to stuttering and published to the Dear Diagnosis literary project

None really diagnosed you, but we’ve lived together for almost my entire life. I tried to solve you many many times, in various different ways, but no methods ever worked for much time at all. Sometimes you are so intrusive that you lead me to think that you’re a part of me…


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Dear Lupus and Dysautonomia

A woman emoting through dance to accompany a letter written to Dear Diagnosis - a literary project rooted in narrative medicine.

I wish I knew why you were given to me. I know I grew-up watching you, Lupus, destroy my mother, but never did I think you would come after me. Did I do something wrong? That’s how I feel – every snarky remark or white lie I told as a kid – feels like karma is the real deal now…


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Dear Polio

A woman of color wears a leg brace as she sits regally upon a red couch. This image was submitted to accompany a letter written to Polio for Dear Diagnosis: a literary project in narrative medicine.

Sometimes I wish I could punch you in the face – my body is perplexed by the dependence of leaning on a crutch. This dependence has messed up my physical structure (poor posture, a need for acupuncture adjustment and deep massage to relieve tensed muscles); all of which I’m working toward…


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