Dear Diabetes, Type I

A boy holds out his hand to convey a message threaded throughout the adjacent letter written to Diabetes, Type I: "Diabetes Sucks"

Remember that time at the gym when I was really in the groove and you just decided to drop my sugar extremely fast and extremely low? Or what about those nights where you ruin my peaceful, restful, and much needed sleep in a frantic panic of sweat?


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Dear Diabetes 1

A finger with a droplet of blood is used to provide a sample for blood glucose testing; which accompanies a letter written to Diabetes-1 for Dear Diagnosis.

I feel you are a piece of my fingerprint, as I can’t recall life without you.  You add an extra weight to my shoulders which is where my stress rides.  As soon as I have you figured out, you change.  I thank God each day for those whom understand this dark, hidden and shaded part of you…


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Dear Type I Diabetes

Artwork depicts a dove landing atop the outstretched hand of an angel; which was used to capture the tone of a letter written to Diabetes for www.deardiagnosis.com.

During those times I neglected your care – no urine glucose tests, no finger sticks, no regular visits to the doctor. Whatever happens, happens. Except things happened, which involved more than you and me: Marriage, three children, & (eventually) two grandchildren…


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