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Dear Diagnoses

A toddler looks at a graphic image with excitement, just as his mother is excited to see that her son's doctors' prognosis was inaccurate.

NOTE (from the Author): I am writing as the mother of a child with multiple diagnoses. I am 55 and he is now 25 and has coped with migraines, mild bipolar & IBS since age 5. This what I have to say to these diagnoses.

You will not block his chances, you will not stop us from seeking every avenue at our disposal, you will not make us handicap, you will not stop the dreams he has for himself, because we will find a way to work around you and through you. A therapist once told him when he was just a small boy, “Now, go out into the world and use your special powers for good.” She was right! He is now a functioning adult.

Mother, Age 55; Son, Age 25
Migraines, IBS, Bipolar Disorder

Dear Diagnosis Affirmation Key

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