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Dear Perfectionism

Shattered glass representative of the shattered bones this teen author writes about

I spin, twirl, shake, leap. You’re still there as I watch others. You’re in my mind as I create. You’re telling me I’m bad – I’m going to fall. I try to ignore you. I try, I try, I try but, I can’t multitask! As I forget what’s going on, you come back stronger.“You’re going to fall, you’re going to fall,” you say. I continue to try and ignore you. You’re going to fall, you’re going to – BAAM. There, Perfectionism, you got your way. I’ve fallen and broken my arm, again. Just like before. And now, I can’t play.

Female, 14 years young
AD/HD, OCD, Panic Disorder… Perfectionistic-Thinking

Dear Diagnosis Affirmation Key

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