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Dear Diagnostic Labels

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To all the diagnostic labels that have tormented me for as long as I can remember: You are not welcome in my life. From a child you lied to me saying I was broken and cant do the things I want. You tried very hard to prevent me from studying and just want me to die. I don’t like your plan for my life and you need to leave me alone. Stop trying to recruit friends like Drugs and Low Self-Worth to trick me. I am sick of you and all your rubbish.  My life is precious and lots of people really love me. You try to destroy my relationships and everything around me. I am finishing a Masters degree and have shown you that you are not welcome. It is time to go! Enough is enough you put me in prison and made me homeless. You truly are a horrible piece of work! There is nothing you can do to stop me from living a good life now. I will continue to study and use all that I know about you to help others.

Your worst enemy,

Male, Age 33
CPTSD, D.I.D., AD/HD, Borderline Personality Disorder w Antisocial Traits

Dear Diagnosis Affirmation Key

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2 thoughts on “Dear Diagnostic Labels”

  1. I applaud you for challenging the labels that have hurt you. I have had labels attached to me as well that have been hurtful. Keep up the good work and continue to counter negative labels with positive actions. I wish you well.

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